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Coming Soon!! Restaurant and private Party Dining Room


Coming Soon!! Restaurant and private Party Dining Room


This elegant room contains a sense of mood and elegance which many Indian restaurants do not have. The private party dining Room is located in a secluded area within the venue and is entered from a private door.


The private dining room at Shaahi Biryani Restaurant will be Opening in December 2019for Corporate Events and Other Private Events. Individuals who are drawn by its comfortable elegance which makes it the perfect venue for private lunches, dinners and etc. The room is capable of seating over 200 guests it has the flexibility to accommodate different capacities and seating arrangements as well as being suitable for a variety of events including Birthday Party's, Meetings,Gatherings and etc.

Menus are compiled by Shafi Mohammed and his team. Shaahi Biryani is also able to Provide you with a custom menu for meat, chicken, fish, vegetarian,vegan and gluten free options which are also provided with a selection of starters and desserts, while main dishes can be offered as family sharing style or pre-chosen.  We work with you for any type of menu you want for your event which will be suitable for us and you! We will Provide You with a Menu that will please you and your guests. We have a Professional Hardworking staff Working on all your needs to serve you great and to make it the perfect event for you. 

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